An individual who accepts the object of the association can be admitted into membership. Members are accepted by the Council of the association based on an application. The annual membership fee will be determined by the annual meeting based on a proposal by the Council.

Active Member: All professionals from the fields of rehabilitation medicine, vocational and educational rehabilitation, social and psychosocial rehabilitation or any other field of rehabilitation who live in European countries, can be a candidate for being an active member. After Council approval and the payment of membership fee, they become an active member. The active members have the right to vote in the General Assembly and can be elected as a Council Member.

Associate Member: Associate members have all rights and obligations as active members, except that they will not have the right to vote in the Assembly and they are not able to stand as candidates for Council Member. They will have to pay a membership fee.


In order to apply for membership you should download the form and send it out per e-mail to

By submitting the Membership Application Form, you agree that you have read and accepted the EFRR Data Protection Regulation Policy.

Please be aware that after your membership application is approved by the EFRR Council, you should pay the membership fee of 20€ in the following account. Only after the payment has reached EFRR, you are officially EFRR member.

Bank name: OP (Helsinki, Finland)
Account number: FI 90 5720 9920 0957 09

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